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Angled Edge Orgone Pyramid Mold
Angled or Beveled Edge Pyramid Mold for resin casting has a six inch base. Comes with a stand for ea..
Huge Orgone Giza Pyramid Mold 11 Inch Base
Huge Orgone Giza Pyramid Mold for Resin Casting has an eleven inch base. It approximates giza specif..
Large Orgone Giza Pyramid Mold 8 Inch Base
Large Orgone Giza Mold has an eight inch base. It approximates Giza specifications It comes with a s..
Orgone Casting Kit
Orgone Mold Kit comes with 1 pyramid mold, 1 lb Quartz Crystals, 1Lb of Brass turnings, 1Lb of Alumi..
Orgone Dodecahedron Mold
Orgone Dodecahedron Mold for resin casting. This is a two part mold. It is recommended for casting e..
Orgone Giza Pyramid Mold 6 Inch Base Most Popular Item
Six inch Base Orgone Pyramid mold for resin casting. The Mold approximates giza Specifications. It c..
Standard Orgone Pyramid Mold
Standard Six Inch Base Pyramid Mold for Resin Casting. Comes with a stand for easy pouring. We..